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    War log: Gobator's Gang vs Dy


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    War log: Gobator's Gang vs Dy Empty War log: Gobator's Gang vs Dy

    Post  Alec on Sat May 08, 2010 8:23 pm

    Gobator's Gang: Night Goblins
    Dy: Dark Elves

    Scenario: Wyrdstone Hunt


    There were only two wyrdstone shards on the table to find. Dark Elves setup first and go first.

    War log: Gobator's Gang vs Dy P5070010

    First turn:

    The Dark Elves advance smoothly down the streets, Corc, the band's sharpshooter moving into position to climb up to the first wyrdstone shard next turn.

    War log: Gobator's Gang vs Dy P5070011

    The goblins squabble, two rushing forward in a race to decide who was slower and uglier, and two sitting around looking at rocks. The goblin's shaman, Zabgob, attempts to cast 'Ere we go! but not enough waaaagggh! energy has accumulated. The rest of the band creeps forward looking for shooting positions. Gobator wisely stays toward the back so that he can direct his warriors from a good vantage point.

    War log: Gobator's Gang vs Dy P5070012

    Turn 2:

    The Dark Elves waste no time, the sorceress runs forward, black fire burning in her eyes. She unleashes a Doom Bolt at the nearest Night Goblin. The bolt of dark energy crackles from the first Night Goblin to the second, and to a third. Two of the goblins are stunned, one is knocked down. Meanwhile Corc climbs up to the Wyrdstone shard, and then jumps down and runs to rejoin his warband.

    War log: Gobator's Gang vs Dy P5070013

    The Night Goblin's advance is disrupted but they continue to close in. Zabgob feels the waaaagggh! building as the battle warms up and casts 'Ere we go! filling his allies with the vigor of Gork and Mork.

    War log: Gobator's Gang vs Dy P5070014

    Turn 3:

    Corc moves around the corner of a large building and spots his first target. He unleashes two bolts from his repeater crossbow. Despite the distance, having moved and the target's cover he makes a mastershot! One bolt goes right through the target's head. The snotling drops dead amongst his friend's, who are oblivious and wonder how he could fall asleep at a time like this. The sorceress attempts to caste doom bolt a second time, but the winds of magic are fickle and the spell fizzles.

    One goblin, witnessing the power of Doom Bolt in the previous turn, pouts in a corner like a bitch. Several arrows fly toward the sorceress while she wrestles with the winds of magic but none manage to hit her. The goblins advance dangerously close.

    War log: Gobator's Gang vs Dy P5070015

    Turn 4:

    The beastmaster and his cold one crash into the snotlings. In a flurry of sword slashes and whip lashes the beastmaster completely wrecks one snotling, while the cold one tears into another with claws and teeth. Croc moves in and fires two more shots, but in all the commotion he can't is unable to hit anything. The sorceress moves back into the cover of a doorway and attempts another doom bolt but performance anxiety gets the best of her and she can't get it up. Icelus, the leader of the Dark Elves charges the trained squig of Gobgobgob the Night Goblin squig herder. Winding up his Draich, he unleashes a magnificent swing, only to find the squig had bounced several feet into the air at just that movement. The squig came down, maw wide and teeth gleaming, but Icelus deftly stepped backward and the squig landed face first on the ground. Lastly, some sneaky Dark Elves charged around a corner catching a couple of goblins trying to regroup with their friends, and the witch elf thoroughly shanked one in the bank.

    War log: Gobator's Gang vs Dy P5070016

    The goblins know that a fair fight is no fight they want a part in. Six goblins all charge the exposed Icelus (although there was only enough room for four to get into combat), the remaining snotlings charge the beastmaster and his cold one, and the lone goblin fanatic charges Croc. The frothing lunatic is such a surprise that Croc is unable to avoid the little green bastard's wild slashes. Croc recognizes the feeling of poison in the wounds just before he blacks out. The fanatic has enough cognizance to pick up the wyrdstone shard the dark elf had been carrying. The goblins surround Icelus, one manages to get behind and savagely stabs him in the back with a dagger. Icelus rolls around to defend himself only to the flash of a crescent shaped axe and the world grow dim. The cold one is enraged and crits the trained squig, but the squig rolls out of the way and is knocked down.

    War log: Gobator's Gang vs Dy P5070017

    Turn 5

    Seeing their leader down, the Dark Elf's morale breaks and they flee the scene.


    Dark Elves are masters of poisons, and Croc recovers completely within a short time. Icelus also recovers, and rages at being beaten by such lowly creatures. Such is his fury that he now hates all Night Goblin warbands.

    One goblin is quite dead due to a thorough shanking. The snotlings survived, or more likely others took their place and nobody noticed. Not even goblins pay attention to snotlings. The fanatic got one extra xp for having the wyrdstone shard, and the second shard was never recovered. Gabor, the axe wielding goon, got an xp for taking Icelus out of action, and gained a new skill (I haven't actually picked one yet).


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    War log: Gobator's Gang vs Dy Empty Re: War log: Gobator's Gang vs Dy

    Post  AwesomelyK on Sat May 08, 2010 9:25 pm

    Great pics and epic storytelling. You're a bard!

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